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U.S. says Ukraine has used up long-term stocks of Stinger and Javelin

USA (, - The head of the American company Raytheon Technologies, a manufacturer of equipment, Greg Hayes, said that during the 9 months of the conflict in Ukraine, the United States used up the long-term stocks of Stinger MANPADS and 5-year-old Javelin ATGMs.

“The problem is that in the first 10 months of the war we used up so much stock, we actually used up 13 years of Stinger MANPADS and 5 years of Javelin ATGMs. So the question is how we're going to replenish our inventory,” Hayes said. recalls that, at the same time, US Secretary of the Army (Army Forces) Christina Wormuth noted that the Pentagon plans to produce 20,000 155-mm shells a month by spring for delivery to Ukraine, and by 2025 - to increase their production capacity to 40 thousand. As she explained, "there are many pressing issues, Congress allocates billions of dollars to the Pentagon, and now we are entering into contracts two to three times faster than usual." According to the Pentagon, since the start of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine, Washington has already delivered more than 900,000 155-mm shells to Kyiv.

According to U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Michael McCord, who is in charge of finance, "during high-tech conflicts, huge amounts of ammunition and weapons are consumed." The Pentagon is "looking into supply chain restrictions," he said, noting that the military department "has not sorted this out yet."

U.S. says Ukraine has used up long-term stocks of Stinger and Javelin