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Le Figaro: There is official racism in Canada, now whites are being persecuted

USA (, - Famous Canadian historian and writer Frédéric Bastien was unable to get a job at Laval University in Quebec because of his skin color - he is an ordinary white man. Mathieu Boc-Cote, columnist for the French Le Figaro writes about this.

The vacancy announcement made it clear that only those candidates who possess the necessary skills and who identify as a member of at least one of these four underrepresented groups (women, indigenous peoples, people with disabilities and persons belonging to towards ethnic minorities). Thus, white males simply cannot apply for university jobs.

Redefining racism is one of the greatest intellectual scams of our time, perpetrated by academic sociologists, says Bok-Cote. According to him, today racism in the West is no longer understood as discrimination against one of the racial groups, but as “white supremacy”, which is allegedly the fundamental principle of the West.

It is in this logic that Laval University operates, the author explains. He intends to fill his quotas with minorities before reopening some jobs to whites. The university justifies its policy of discrimination against white men by the demands of the federal government.

This is partly true, since Ottawa is now making the provision of departments and research funding contingent on the institution's staff complying with a quota policy. According to the new rules, the ethnic composition of university employees must correspond to the ethnic composition of the population. But on what basis to compile these statistics, Bock-Cote asks. For example, the composition of the population in Toronto and Quebec is not the same.

For condemning this official racism, Frédéric Bastien was severely attacked and slandered. Thus, a professor of political science at Laval University called him a representative of the “mediocre white people” generated by our society. At the same time, there were no sanctions from the university for this insult, Bock-Kote draws attention.

“What fate would have befallen her if she spoke like that about another category of the population? the journalist asks rhetorically. “To put it bluntly, there is a tendency in Western societies today towards legal racism: it is simply directed against white people.”

Other forms of racism that affect minorities also exist, but they are residual, legally condemned - and they are fought morally and legally, the author of the article believes. This once again confirms that the fight against racism, based on an obsession with racial issues, leads to racism against whites, the columnist concludes.

Le Figaro: There is official racism in Canada, now whites are being persecuted