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Plus $ 110 billion and minus the G20: what does the US Congress want

USA (, - The US Congress agreed on the draft defense budget. Its amount exceeds last year's figure by more than 110 billion dollars. The new amount - 858 billion dollars - could be a record in the history of the country.

The project includes $317.3 billion for operation and maintenance, $174.5 billion for military upkeep, $161.3 billion for military procurement, $138.6 billion for research and development, $30.5 billion for nuclear energy activities and 16.5 billion for military construction and housing.

At the same time, $6 billion will be allocated to "contain" Russia in Europe and an additional $800 million to help Ukraine.

The ban on cooperation between Washington and Moscow in the military sphere is supposed to be extended for five years, as well as to achieve the exclusion of Russia from such international organizations as the G20;

Additional, secondary sanctions are also provided for persons who “knowingly participate in significant transactions with Russia”, including with the gold reserve of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which is located outside the country.

Now congressmen and senators will have to vote for the agreed document, after which it will be signed by President Joe Biden.

Plus $ 110 billion and minus the G20: what does the US Congress want