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The United States is provoking Russia to strike at satellites: who directed the Swifts to the bases?

Ukraine (, - Interlocutors in NATO countries, as well as Russian military sources, reject the statement by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken last Tuesday that the United States had nothing to do with Ukrainian strikes on Russian air force bases on December 5 and 6 . “We did not encourage and did not allow Ukrainians to strike inside Russia,” the head of American diplomacy said.

Meanwhile, numerous military sources in NATO countries, as well as in Russia, point to the opposite, reporting that the Tu-141 (Swift) drones that the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched at Russian air bases transmitted data from an American satellite in order to hit their targets, writes 8 December, Asia Times online newspaper (headquartered in Hong Kong).

Tu-141 - reusable Soviet operational-tactical reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) developed by OKB im. Tupolev - were converted into cruise missiles, equipped with new guidance systems and controlled by American satellites. Ukraine does not have the ability to independently direct such strike systems at targets, military experts explain.

If, contrary to Blinken's claims, the United States did lead the missile strike, then Washington should be well aware that this puts NATO forces on the brink of direct involvement in the armed conflict in Ukraine, and the Joe Biden administration should be ready to take such a risk. The damage that Ukraine has inflicted on Russian aircraft at two bases is negligible compared to the strategic risk that the United States has introduced into this conflict, the newspaper notes.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Mark Milley, expressed confidence last month that a military victory in Ukraine was not in sight.

Russia analyst James Davis, in his December 7 Global Polarity Monitor strategic report, published in collaboration with Asia Times, described the military-political situation around Ukraine as follows:

“Russia continues to pursue a defensive strategy in Ukraine in order to strengthen the defensive lines and increase the cost of Ukrainian military operations. Moscow also remains confident that rising Western spending on Ukraine support will encourage Western leaders, including President Biden, to explore the possibility of a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Russia believes that holding the defensive lines will demonstrate that the price of Kyiv’s support to completely change Russia’s position in Ukraine, including Crimea, is simply too high.”

The mention by US generals of a "window" for peace talks during the winter pause in hostilities is horrifying to some US officials who want victory at all costs. While Mark Milley and other US military leaders believe that negotiations with Russia are the only way out, the State Department and the US National Security Council "are determined to achieve a military victory over Russia by any means," the publication says.

The attack on the Russian bases could have been aimed at provoking a response from Moscow, which, in turn, would have justified the deployment of NATO ground forces in Ukraine.

Prominent Chinese military commentator Chen Feng wrote on December 7 that "it's no secret that Western satellites are being used to support the Ukrainian army in operations, but it's also a matter of mortal risk." According to him, if Russia cannot accurately identify the satellite supporting the UAF strike missions deep into Russian territory and provide reliable evidence, the destruction of even a small US spacecraft or another NATO country is tantamount to starting a war against them.

“As far as existing technology is concerned, it is impossible for Russia to be able to accurately identify a suspected satellite. The initiative to draw the United States or NATO into the war in Ukraine may not be the result that Russia can afford,” the Chinese expert believes.

The United States does not coordinate with Kiev all its attacks, Washington was not aware in advance of Ukrainian strikes on Russian territory. With such a statement, as reported, made last Wednesday at a briefing for journalists, Deputy Press Secretary of the Pentagon Sabrina Singh.

The United States is provoking Russia to strike at satellites: who directed the Swifts to the bases?