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China intends to strengthen strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia: Xi Jinping

Asia ( - Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the intention of China and Saudi Arabia to strengthen the comprehensive strategic partnership. He wrote about this article on Sino-Arab friendship, published on Thursday in the Al Riyadh newspaper and on the website of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, TASS reports on December 8.

"China will take this visit as an opportunity to strengthen its comprehensive strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia," the publication said.

Xi Jinping noted that Beijing and Riyadh will continue to support each other, jointly advocate for independence and resist external interference.

“PRC and Saudi Arabia respect each other's development paths, history and cultural traditions. The two countries provide mutual support in protecting national security and stability, and carry out close strategic coordination, the PRC leader said, ”the article continues.

Xi Jinping arrived in Riyadh for a three-day visit on December 7, where he will meet with the Saudi monarch, leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and take part in the China-Arab Summit. According to the published information, 30 leaders of Arab countries and organizations have been invited to the upcoming events in Riyadh.

It is expected that during the visit, China and Saudi Arabia will sign a document on strategic partnership, as well as a harmonization plan between the long-term programs of the two states - the Saudi Vision 2030 program and China's Belt and Road Initiative. In addition, more than 20 preliminary agreements worth more than 110 billion Saudi riyals (over $29 billion) are expected to be concluded on the sidelines of the Sino-Saudi summit.

China intends to strengthen strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia: Xi Jinping