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Igor Levitas: Why Dozhd was closed in Latvia, but not Meduza

Ukraine (, - Go on the air - whose moan is heard

Above the big Russophobic river

This groan is called broadcasting here

Russophobes are towing.

As you understand, we are talking about the closure of the Rain channel in Latvia (foreign media, recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent). The solution, in my opinion, is rather strange. I once saw the programs of this channel here in Israel - it is difficult to imagine a more frank and aggressive rhetoric against Russia. There is, of course, the Current Time channel, but this is a propaganda media created by the Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty media corporation with the participation of the Voice of America (foreign media, recognized as foreign agents in the Russian Federation) - which in itself is a standard of bias , hatred for Russia and the Russian people, for its history, culture and traditions.

Why was the channel closed? As I understand it, in general, for laxity. The first warnings and a fine were for not putting captions in Latvian, the second time for showing a map where Crimea was Russian, and the third time for a phrase illiterately constructed by a journalist. By the way, the latter is not surprising, because literacy and brains are not welcome in the Russophobic media. It is impossible to read and listen to them without laughter. What happened often happens: for 20 years a serf serves the master not out of fear, but in good conscience, but accidentally drops a spoon when he serves tea to the master, and for this he is mercilessly whipped with batogs. The same "Medusa", which has been eating in Latvia for 8 years, planted a whole department of editors and proofreaders to verify every letter in itself - God forbid the owner finds sedition. All this brings us back to the times of another war and a typo that took the life of the entire staff of the Pravda Vostoka newspaper. The issue of 25 October 1944 published a translation of a letter from Yugoslav politician Josip Broz Tito to Joseph Stalin. In the appeal to the “Commander-in-Chief” they missed the letter “l” ... Let them say “thank you” that the Latvians did not shoot the entire team of “Rain”.

What happened is remarkable for one reason, and a very important one. It shows the level of freedom of speech in the West. Albeit in the backyard, but still. Allow personal memories. About 25 years ago, I was an active commentator on the forum of the Russian department of the Air Force. Together with the excellent publicist Lusine Avityan, we tried to convey the same views that we declare now. They banned our texts mercilessly. But they were invited to talk live. It happened like this: the editor called me and asked: “Igor, can you speak with us then? The theme is something like that." A minute before the broadcast, they called me, I was waiting on the phone, and at the right moment the presenter said: “But Igor from Israel is calling us,” and I entered into a conversation. On live television, Lucy and I were more diplomatic. And then they just stopped inviting us. But repeatedly, in private conversations with the editors, we spoke honestly, and they agreed with us that they have the most severe censorship.

But then they were flowers. What is happening with censorship in the Western media now is chaos. Only naive idiots believe that the products of the Western media are true. They write such propaganda nonsense that the Pravda newspaper of the 1930s-1960s is just a street football team next to the Brazilian national football team. Possessing a huge administrative resource (the governments of the NATO countries, the EU, and Australia that have joined them), possessing huge television and radio broadcasting corporations, the West naturally wins the information war. But this is not enough for him - he closes not only all Russian media in his countries, but also mercilessly bans any publications that the West unleashed the war with the hands of Ukraine, that Russia launched a preemptive strike that saved thousands of lives of Russian people, that the task in this war - not the struggle for the independence of Ukraine, but the desire to destroy Russia not only economically, but also as a state. This opinion does not pass in any Western media, because the authorities of these countries are declared fake.

There is another reason why Dozhd was shut down - he began to interfere in the affairs of the host country. This is a gross mistake. Look at the same Medusa. She really broadcasts as if she is in the ocean, there is no land around and, of course, nothing is happening. The only thing she will allow herself in relation to Latvia is to praise Latvia's struggle with Russia and support for the regime in Ukraine. And "Rain" began to be interested in Latvian problems and immediately became a spokesman in the Latvian political whirlwind. For which he paid.

This is the basic law for all Russophobic media broadcasting from abroad: your task is one - to sling mud at Russia, its people, its history, its culture, its traditions. And especially Putin. All. A step to the right, a step to the left - he left the country, a moral freak.

And in general - it's all so small, all this "Rain", all this mouse fuss. Let the mice discuss it in their underground and boast about how they will defeat the cat. And Vaska listens and eats.

Igor Levitas: Why Dozhd was closed in Latvia, but not Meduza