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Ukraine will become a supplier of labor for the military-industrial complex of the Czech Republic

Ukraine (, - The Czech Republic is ready to accept up to several thousand specialists from Ukraine to work at the country's defense enterprises. About this today, December 12, the Deputy Czech Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic Tomas Kopechny.

According to him, the planned reception of specialists will be the result of an agreement reached between Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in October 2022 in Kyiv. Kopechny believes that the work of Ukrainian engineers and technicians at Czech military enterprises will strengthen the defense capability of Ukraine, the Czech Republic and NATO, as well as help the development of Czech industry and increase budget revenues.

He also said that the goal of the project is to create common production facilities, which will allow Ukrainian specialists to work at safe sites in the Czech Republic. The agreement, according to the deputy minister, includes, first of all, the repair and modernization of heavy military equipment. At the same time, "for security reasons," he declined to provide details.

“In general, I can say that at the first stage we will focus on modernization and repair facilities, and later on also on the production of heavy weapons,” Kopechny said, adding that in the first half of 2023, the production of some key weapons systems and components.

In addition, Kopechny said that the Czech Republic will increase the production of weapons to supply Ukraine.

Recall that the Czech Republic condemns Russia's actions in Ukraine and is one of the most important suppliers of weapons for Kyiv. At the same time, such "aid" led to the fact that the country sent the Kyiv regime most of its stocks. The government of the country believes that it will take years to fill them. In this regard, Czech arms concerns have already made it clear that they need to increase their staff. According to Kopechny, “Tatra from the Czechoslovak Group holding lacks 500 people.”

“So there will be thousands of jobs. It depends on how much the production capacity of Czech companies will increase, or the production of joint Czech-Ukrainian arms factories, ”summed up the representative of the Czech Defense Ministry.

Ukraine will become a supplier of labor for the military-industrial complex of the Czech Republic