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Britain worried about China's militarization

Asia (, - China's accelerated militarization could threaten stability in the Indo-Pacific region. This was announced by British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley in a keynote address to foreign diplomats in London, TASS reports today, December 12.

“Powerful states such as China reject defensive alliances and bloc policies. They do not understand the desire of any country to live in peace and without fear of aggression. Or perhaps they are sending a signal of their intentions. It's especially creepy when they come from a country that is militarizing at a rate the world has rarely seen before," Cleverley said.

According to him, against this background, the UK intends to propose long-term strategies for developing relations with the states of Asia, Africa and Latin America. In particular, he pointed to London's readiness to strengthen cooperation with them on trade, defense, technology and investment.

Britain worried about China's militarization