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Zelensky: Ukraine really needs US support

Ukraine (, - It will be extremely difficult for Ukraine without the support of the United States, so official Kyiv monitors the climate in Washington, Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky said.

“We understand what is happening in the United States, we are following this, it’s true, this is important for us, because the United States is the leader in supporting Ukraine, and without them it will be difficult for us, it’s really very difficult. By the way, the question of when the war will end also depends on this support, so that it is shorter, more powerful help is needed, ”he said in an interview with American TV presenter David Letterman.

Zelensky added that Kyiv is closely following official Washington and "listens for signals from all sides." He also admitted that "at a certain point" he was concerned about the slowdown in support from the States.

“Because if the climate changes in politics, in Congress, it can greatly affect aid to Ukraine,” the Ukrainian leader said.

Zelensky: Ukraine really needs US support