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The expert commented on US attempts to bring Russia to default

USA (, - Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov said that the United States does not hide its intentions "to cause a default in Russia by cutting off the channels of Western investment and depleting Russian reserves of foreign currency."

The correspondent asked Boris Pivovar, director of the Business Management program at the RANEPA Faculty of Market Technologies, about how far such methods of influencing the Russian economy from the outside can really lead to a default situation.

“It seems to me that not everything is so dramatic,” the expert believes. - In general, since 2014, investments from abroad have not flowed into the country like a river. They were quite limited.

What are the signs of default?

Default is still the inability to service your debts. So far, the situation does not resemble either 1998 or any other serious crisis, when the risk of insolvency was high.

— However, the situation is not the most favorable for business?

— Of course, some companies that have worked closely with foreign countries will experience problems. Their private corporate default certainly worsens the country's business environment, but is unlikely to lead to a major collapse in the economy.

But, of course, the very fact that such steps are being taken is unpleasant, since the United States considers itself an apologist for a market economy, but it turns out that they themselves take steps that contradict the market.

The expert commented on US attempts to bring Russia to default