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Zakharova: Pugacheva baptized children, got married, but turned out to be a Jew

Ukraine (, - Singer Alla Pugacheva, who fled to Israel with her husband Maksim Galkin and children after the start of the SVO, should be honest at least with herself. This was stated by the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, reports Pravda.Ru.

In an interview with the Empathy Manuchi YouTube channel, Zakharova noted that the singer hid Israeli citizenship for a long time, worrying about the public reaction. Moreover, it is surprising that Pugacheva, who turned out to be Jewish, went through the Orthodox wedding ceremony with her husband and baptized her children.

“How is it that people were sincere adherents and followers, posing as Orthodox and at the same time receiving Israeli citizenship as repatriates?” Maria Zakharova said.

Zakharova explained that a celebrity who went abroad received citizenship as a repatriate, and there you must indicate yourself as an atheist or a Jew. At the same time, in practice, there are cases when people were deprived of Israeli citizenship for false information.

As reported by, when leaving Russia, Pugacheva called the Russians serfs and slaves, and while already in Israel, she complained about some custom-made campaign:

“Many people ask me how I endure the custom-made persecution of our family, how? But like this. December skies over the Promised Land. I look at the sky and say: “Lord! Forgive these pitiful corrupt creatures, hypocrites and liars, for they do not know what they are doing. That's all".

Maria Zakharova commented on this statement:

“Just recently, Pugacheva announced that a custom-made campaign was going on against her, and the end of her quote was sort of like from the Gospel: “Forgive me, Lord, for they don’t know what they are doing.” You will not believe, but there is a small nuance. In the middle of the phrase, she inserted a curse, began to call people names. And the meaning has changed to the opposite. The phrase turned out to be about something else - about hatred and pride, ”concluded the diplomat.

Zakharova: Pugacheva baptized children, got married, but turned out to be a Jew