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Military clashes occurred on the border of India and China, there are injured

Asia (, - The border forces of India and China clashed on December 9 on the border in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. As reported today, December 12, ANI agency, citing sources, the incident occurred in the Tawang sector.

According to the agency, the Chinese military reached the line of actual control that separates both countries, but were stopped by the Indian military "firmly and decisively." Several soldiers from both sides were "slightly injured".

Both sides immediately withdrew from the area, the sources said. At present, the incident has been settled, cites excerpts from the TASS report.

Recall: in May 2020, clashes took place in the mountainous region of Ladakh on the border of the two countries, which led to casualties on both sides. India and China sent heavy artillery, tanks and aircraft to the area. After a series of negotiations at the military and diplomatic levels last year, Beijing and New Delhi began a mutual withdrawal of troops from the border line.

The lack of a demarcated border between India and China in the Himalayas (the two countries are separated by a line of actual control) has been a source of tension for decades. In 1959, India announced that the Chinese side had seized part of the state of Arunachal Pradesh, and in 1962, an Indian-Chinese armed conflict broke out, as a result of which about 38 thousand square meters belonging to India came under Chinese control. km in the Ladakh and Aksai Chin regions.

Military clashes occurred on the border of India and China, there are injured