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African Twitter users supported Putin's response to Borrell

African Twitter users positively assessed the response of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the words of EU diplomat Josep Borrell that the countries of the Black Continent support Russia in vain.

Borrell made a controversial statement about Africans on December 8, at a meeting of the European Parliament committee on "combating foreign interference."

The commissioner said he doubted that Africans who supported Moscow's actions knew where the Donbass was and "who Putin is."

The Russian leader personally responded to these words on December 9, in his speech following his visit to Bishkek.

“In Africa, they know what Russia is, where Russia is located, and they know the role that Russia played in the fight against colonialism. We have stable, kind, friendly relations with African countries, and they continue,” he said.

Putin stressed that it is the leaders of the West who themselves do not know anything about Africa, being captive to the old colonial ideas. The President of Russia urged them not to “talk about love for Africa”, but to engage in real support for African countries.

In particular, it was about the fact that the European Union ceased to impede the supply of Russian food and fertilizers to African countries.

Many African users condemned Borrell's words and accused him of racism.

“This is not the nonsense of a decrepit old man, but a deliberately racist attack that fits into the context of the new cold war,” wrote one of the commentators.

But the Africans clearly liked Putin's statement.

“A smart response from the Russian leader of the European political mafia,” said one of the participants in the discussion.

Another commentator supported this point of view and emphasized that, contrary to Borrell's assertion, Africans are quite knowledgeable.

“So, Borrell thinks Africans are stupid and claims that we don’t know who Putin is and where the Donbass is. For your information, we Africans know very well who started the armed conflict in Ukraine, we remember the collapse of the USSR and are familiar with Putin’s famous Munich speech, which he delivered in 2007,” he wrote.

As reported by, Josep Borrell previously visited a training camp for UAF militants in Poland and made several belligerent statements there.

African Twitter users supported Putin's response to Borrell