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Russian tanker unloads in US

Ukraine (, - A tanker from Russia has unloaded in an American port. Its cargo is unknown. In March, the United States banned the import of oil and petroleum products from Russia into the country.

According to the navigation portals Vesselfinder and Marinetraffic, on December 11 in the port of Wilmington on the east coast of the United States, the tanker for the transportation of chemical and petroleum products Avenca unloaded. In 24 days, the ship delivered the cargo from St. Petersburg. Today, December 12, the tanker was heading for Norfolk.

In Wilmington, the Avenca unloaded at the Flint Hills Resources terminal. This company is owned by the American industrial giant Koch Industries and produces both petroleum products, including motor fuel and asphalt, and fertilizers.

Near the terminal there is an asphalt processing plant. Avenca, owned by the German Chemikalien Seetransport (CST), could deliver up to 51 thousand tons of raw materials to the USA.

In St. Petersburg, where the tanker was loaded, there are capacities for loading oil products and bitumen. It is known that since 2019, the international trader Trafigura has also been involved in the export of bitumen from Russia through the only sea terminal in Russia.

According to the Information Department of the US Department of Energy, the last time oil products from Russia entered the US was in April - 10 million barrels. And bitumen was not imported from Russia before.

At the end of February, Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine, and in March, US President Joe Biden imposed a ban on the import of oil and petroleum products from the country.

Russian tanker unloads in US