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Saudi Arabia fears a nuclear Iran

Greater Middle East (, - Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud said that Iran's development of nuclear weapons will force countries in the region to seek to ensure their own security. This was reported today, December 12, by the Saudi news agency SPA.

The Saudi minister said:

“If Iran gets a real nuclear weapon, all bets are off… We are in a very dangerous space in the region… you can expect the states of the region to definitely analyze how they can ensure their own security.”

Nuclear talks between Iran and Western countries have reached an impasse, with Western countries accusing Iran of making unfounded demands, as well as shifting the focus to the conflict in Ukraine, as well as internal unrest in Iran due to the death of Mahsa Amini.

While Riyadh remains "skeptical" about the Iranian nuclear deal, Prince Faisal said the Kingdom supports efforts to revive the deal "provided it becomes the starting point, not the end point" for a stronger deal with Tehran.

Saudi Foreign Minister said:

“Unfortunately, the signs are not very positive right now… We hear from the Iranians that they are not interested in getting nuclear weapons, it would be very good to believe that. But we need more confidence in this matter.”

Saudi Arabia and Iran are considered the main regional adversaries. Riyadh perceives itself as the center of the Sunni world due to the presence on the territory of the Kingdom of the two main shrines of Islam - Mecca and Medina. Iran, as a key Shiite power, according to some experts, has built the so-called "Shiite arc" or "axis of resistance" in the Middle East, which includes Iran, Iraq, Syria, southern Lebanon and Yemen.

Saudi Arabia fears a nuclear Iran