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Colonel McConnell: Russians have finally found an effective tactic in Ukraine

Ukraine (, - The new tactics of warfare used by Russia in Ukraine are exactly what will lead Ukraine to complete collapse. American retired colonel James W. McConnell, a former member of the House of Representatives from New Hampshire, talks about this, Pravda.Ru reports.

“The Russians began to destroy the Ukrainian lines of communication - power grids, bridges, roads and railways, without which it is impossible to supply Ukrainian troops. Once the destruction of the communication lines is complete, the Russian army, especially its powerful artillery, will present the Ukrainian forces with an unpleasant reality, ”McConnell writes in an article on the Ron Paul Institute website.

And the degree of “unpleasantness” of the situation, in his opinion, will depend on “how far Russia wants to move west,” since the most likely option is “in addition to the four regions that it (Russia) has already taken - Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson, - the Russians will want at least Nikolaev and Odessa.

When Moscow achieves these goals, NATO will find itself in a difficult situation, according to the American colonel, which will have to "either recognize the victory of Russia, or engage in battle with the Russians."

But the problem is that the North Atlantic Alliance, despite its undoubted military power, has very little chance of winning the war with Russia.

In support of his opinion, McConnell admits: Russia leads the world in air defense systems. Even the Russian S-400 air defense systems that some NATO countries have, which are considered the best systems in the world for widespread use (Turkey has one), will not help, because Russia has already gone further - its S-500s, improved S-400s, only recently put into production are already deployed at critical facilities in Russia.

The United States has no protection against Russian projectiles that move at hypersonic speeds and can change the flight path. The United States is still conducting hypersonic tests, and Russia has already fielded four different hypersonic missiles from existing families of missile systems - Kinzhal, Kalibr, Iskander and Zircon. She also has an Avengard hypersonic glide vehicle.

“If NATO goes to war with Russia, the US Navy carrier task force in the Ionian Sea will become an obvious target for Russia. How can it successfully defend against a simultaneous and likely massive Russian strike with hypersonic and conventional missiles? The failure of the carrier task force, the backbone of the US Navy's surface fleet, to survive a missile attack would have huge and immediate real-world consequences. If the Russians sink an aircraft carrier, Taiwan, for example, will have to reconsider any illusions it has about the US coming to its aid in a conflict with China and become much more accommodating to a soft conquest similar to the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong.”

McConnell admits that the Pentagon has one aircraft carrier and it cannot build new ones right now, because "creating modern warships capable of surviving is a complex and time-consuming process." Strangely enough, 850 military bases scattered around the world crippled America's combat capability:

“Combat duty on the ground allows Washington to retain the status of the world policeman. But the cost of these bases, coupled with sustained and counterproductive efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and now Ukraine, have crippled America’s navy and defense,” Col. sought to strengthen their armed forces, while the American leadership was obsessed with the Middle East.

Based on the above, he concludes:

“The US is no longer invincible. And America can only hope that it's not too late to change course."

Colonel McConnell: Russians have finally found an effective tactic in Ukraine