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Tesla electric cars in China can't withstand the cold

Asia (, - Tesla Model Y owners in China are complaining that car operation at low temperatures becomes very problematic. This was reported today, December 12, by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

According to the newspaper, motorists complain that the steering mechanism from the cold ceases to adequately perceive the load. As a result, the accuracy of driving an electric vehicle suffers greatly.

It is reported that one of the owners called the after-sales service, where he was told that the problem described could be due to cold weather. At the same time, they reassured me, assuring that this is not a sign of poor build quality and does not affect safety.

The company refuses to replace the problem node, explaining that everything will be fixed after the next software update. According to the publication, even those who are ready to fully pay the cost of spare parts and labor are refused to replace the unit.

Users suggest that the problem may not be a software error at all, but the reaction of the power steering belt to temperature, which leads to incorrect steering operation. According to those who were able to replace the mechanism, the problem with the "naughty" steering wheel was solved.

The Chinese are not the only ones who have suffered from Tesla in recent times. In the US, a recall of Model Y crossovers has been announced, which requires tightening the suspension bolts. A resident of the UK was locked in his Model Y due to the fact that the electric car allegedly ran out of charge and all the doors were blocked. At the same time, the power reserve at the system switched to ultra-economy mode was approximately 350 km.

Tesla electric cars in China can't withstand the cold