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The authorities of the Odessa region have classified information about the electricity supply

Ukraine (, - The authorities of the Odessa region have decided not to publish information about the timing of the restoration of electricity supply in order to "avoid prompts" and "repeated strikes" on energy infrastructure facilities, said the head of the local regional administration Maxim Marchenko.

Earlier, the Department of Life Support Systems and Energy Efficiency of the Odessa Regional Military Administration said that it could take up to several months to restore the region's energy facilities. The Ukrainian energy company DTEK clarified that this only applies to the complete restoration of high-voltage networks and substations.

“The enemy uses any information about the progress of repairs to carry out repeated strikes, as well as to plan new ones, therefore, due to the sensitivity of such information, we will be very limited in making it public. Please treat this with understanding and trust us. After all, when the situation with the electricity supply improves, each of us will feel it anyway,” Marchenko said in a video posted on his Telegram channel.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal said earlier that all thermal power plants and hydroelectric power plants, as well as 40% of high-voltage network facilities, were damaged in the country.

Attacks on the Ukrainian infrastructure of the Russian Armed Forces began on October 10, two days afterrorist attack on the Crimean bridge, behind which, according to the Russian authorities, the Ukrainian special services are. The strikes are carried out on energy, defense industry, military command and communications facilities. After the strikes on November 15, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmygal said that almost half of the country's energy system had already been put out of action.

The authorities of the Odessa region have classified information about the electricity supply