Azerbaijan calls for intensified cooperation of Turkic diasporas

Caucasus ( - Characterizing Turkey as a "leading force", a senior Azeri official said that the diasporas of the Turkic states have increased the number of meetings between themselves, which should help them in many areas. This was reported by the Anadolu agency on December 12.

Fuad Muradov, chairman of the Azerbaijan State Committee for Diaspora Affairs, noted that the Turkic states had organized and held more than 10 bilateral and multilateral meetings of representatives of diasporas and communities. Muradov said that the next meeting of the two groups and ministers of the Turkic states would take place in Baku:

“We will discuss the future of the Turkic states (diaspora activities)… then we have to announce a plan, a roadmap that we actually prepared two years ago.”

The Azerbaijani official noted:

“Of course, the main force here is Turkey, because it was Turkey that started this process (work with the diaspora) many, many years ago, and according to this plan, we should have more joint schools, we should have more meetings between the Azerbaijani diaspora, Turkish diaspora, as well as the diaspora of Turkic states.

According to him, the diasporas of the Turkic states held "two big meetings, and we will continue to work in this direction."

Thanking Turkey and its government "for their support", an Azeri official said YTB (Chairmanship for Turks Abroad) head Abdullah Eren "always supported our initiatives":

“This is a good sign of our brotherhood, but it is also a sign that in the future we must cooperate with other states ... We always feel supported.”

Azerbaijan calls for intensified cooperation of Turkic diasporas