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Taiwan accuses mainland China of trade discrimination against the island

Asia (, - The ban imposed by the Chinese authorities on the import of certain products from Taiwan is trade discrimination. This was stated by the chairman of the Taiwanese government Su Zhenchang, reports today, December 12, TASS with reference to the Taipei Times newspaper.

“Beijing has violated the norms of the World Trade Organization (WTO) by setting its own rules and interfering in trade by administrative means,” the publication quotes the words of the head of the cabinet.

In his opinion, China is showing a "discriminatory attitude" towards Taiwan, which is the reason for filing a complaint with the WTO.

As for the Taiwanese companies affected by this, the head of government promised to support them.

Last week, mainland Chinese authorities suspended imports of squid, fish and other seafood exported by a large number of companies from Taiwan. This was followed by restrictions on the supply of beer and other drinks from the island.

In China, this is explained by the new customs clearance system, which obliges exporters to go through a more complicated registration procedure on the mainland. At the same time, Taiwanese manufacturers are required to provide hard copies of documents directly, while foreign companies are allowed to submit them online. Taipei points out that the registration process is not transparent, and the PRC authorities have not provided channels for consultation.

According to many observers, Beijing has recently increased its leverage of economic pressure on the island.

Taiwan accuses mainland China of trade discrimination against the island