US does not forget about Africa: US-Africa summit to be held in Washington

Greater Middle East ( - President Joe Biden will host African leaders in Washington this week for their participation in the "Africa Leaders' Summit in the United States." This was announced today, December 13, by the Middle East Star.

The priorities the parties will focus on include representation of the African Union in the G20, greater African membership in international organizations, promoting democracy, strengthening the economy, combating climate change, improving public health and promoting security. Note that the first such summit was held in 2014 under the chairmanship of former US President Barack Obama.

According to the US State Department, during this summit, Washington and African countries will focus on developing economic cooperation, promoting peace and security, strengthening democracy and human rights, strengthening civil society, ensuring food security, improving healthcare, combating climate change, promoting education and promotion of youth policy.

The 2022 summit is expected to produce some concrete results. The US will continue to promote the "infrastructure map" in Africa as a counterbalance to China's "One Belt, One Road" project: Beijing is actively promoting its own projects on the African continent.

Washington is implementing projects to develop solar energy in Angola and vaccine production in Senegal. The US is also supporting the construction of submarine telecommunications cables linking Singapore and France through Egypt and the Horn of Africa.

One of the most important US partners in Africa is Egypt due to its strategic position on the continent. Washington is one of the financial donors of the Egyptian army, as well as the largest supplier of weapons. At the same time, the US faces significant competition in Egypt from China: Beijing has long been Cairo's first trading partner.

US does not forget about Africa: US-Africa summit to be held in Washington