China expresses concern over security of its embassy in Kabul

Asia ( - Chinese Ambassador to Kabul Wang Yu met with Deputy Foreign Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA, the country's self-name from the Taliban) Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai and expressed concern about the security of his country's embassy. This was announced today, December 12, according to Ariana News.

This happened after the recent armed attacks by ISIS militants (IS, an organization banned in the Russian Federation) on the Pakistani and Russian embassies in Kabul.

Abdul Kahar Balkhi, a spokesman for the IEA Foreign Ministry, tweeted that the Chinese ambassador expressed satisfaction with the security "throughout Afghanistan" but asked for more attention to be paid to the security of diplomatic missions in Kabul. In response, Stanikzai stated that ensuring the security of diplomatic missions in the country is a priority for the IEA. He also thanked China for the humanitarian assistance provided to Afghanistan and stressed the need to strengthen and expand economic relations with China.

Stanikzai also assured the Chinese Ambassador that the Islamic Emirate would not allow anyone to use Afghanistan's territory against another country, according to the IEA Foreign Ministry.

Pakistani envoy Ubaid-ur-Rehman Nizamani was attacked at the embassy in Kabul in early December, reported. Nizamani was unharmed, but one of his guards was wounded. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Last week, the IEA announced that a foreign national had been arrested in connection with a failed assassination attempt. IEA spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said, referring to the initial results of the investigation, that the attack on Ubaid-ur-Rehman Nizamani in Kabul was planned to sow distrust in Islamabad.

On September 5, an explosion occurred at the entrance to the consular section of the Russian Embassy in Kabul. As a result of the attack, two members of the diplomatic mission were killed and several Afghan citizens were injured. The explosive device was detonated by a suicide bomber who was in a crowd of people.

China expresses concern over security of its embassy in Kabul