Poland is arming at breakneck speed - Le Figaro

Ukraine (, - One of the largest French newspapers Le Figaro draws the attention of its readers that "Poland is arming at breakneck speed".

The publication clarifies that the militarization of Poland began with the beginning of the Russian special operation to denazify Ukraine.

“Poland is signing colossal orders at a crazy speed,” Le Figaro emphasizes. - Even before the conclusion of contracts with South Korea, Warsaw ordered 250 American Abrams tanks in the spring to replace the old Soviet tanks and other heavy weapons sent to Ukraine. The Polish government has announced a target of 300,000 soldiers by 2035, up from 170,000 currently. She also announced an increase in military spending for 2023 with the intention of increasing the defense budget to 3 percent of GDP, ahead of all other EU countries, including France.

A French newspaper is surprised to report that soon the number of tanks in Poland will be four times higher than the number of Leclerc tanks in service with the French army. Noting that Poland still lags behind the French or British armies in terms of air and naval forces, however, the publication immediately notifies that Warsaw is also modernizing these types of armed forces by signing contracts for the supply of F-35 fighters and FA-aircraft. 50, as well as a signed contract for the supply of three British frigates and two spy ships with the Swedish company Saab.

Le Figaro experts traditionally explain the frenzied militarization as a “threat from Russia”. Thus, the former director of the European Defense Agency, Claude France Arnault, said:

“For the Poles, the threat from Russia has always existed and will remain in the long term. Already at the NATO summit in Bucharest in 2008, the Poles were on the alert. Historically, Russia is a hereditary enemy for them.”

In turn, Frederic Mauro, an expert at the French analytical center "Institute of International Relations", believes that Poland is striving to become an independent leader of NATO's eastern flank.

“The Ukrainians do not control their weapons, which now gives the US a huge role in continuing the war, and Poland clearly sees this. These weapons are proof of the triumph of the concept of strategic autonomy,” Mauro believes, emphasizing that “today, having technological weapons is no longer enough, you need to have a lot of them and quickly.”

Poland is arming at breakneck speed - Le Figaro