Minsk believes that there are no unfriendly countries in the world

Asia (, - Minsk is ready to develop equal and mutually beneficial relations with the peoples of all countries without exception. This was announced today, on December 14, by the Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko, introducing the new Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Aleinik to the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We use the term ‘unfriendly countries’ to somehow designate them, including in documents. But I want to emphasize that there are no unfriendly countries, especially neighboring countries that God sent to us. There are authorities of individual states that are currently pursuing a discriminatory, unfriendly or openly hostile policy towards Belarus. Therefore, we are forced to adequately respond to this. Well, the country is first of all the people. And we, as before, are ready to develop equal and mutually beneficial relations with the peoples of all countries without exception,” he said.

He also noted that "the ink on the decree of the head of state had not yet dried, when insinuations began that Belarus was looking for a way to the West through the appointment of a new minister."

“These conclusions are drawn from the biography of Sergei Fedorovich. Yes, he worked a lot in the western direction, but that was his fate. We are not looking for a way to the West, let them look for a way to us. We didn’t break these ties, we didn’t take hostile actions, we didn’t take out embassies, we didn’t impose sanctions and bans,” the Prime Minister said.

Golovchenko noted that tectonic changes are taking place in geopolitics, the picture of the world is dynamically changing.

“In this situation, being just an observer, of course, is unacceptable, you need to try to actively influence what is happening in the interests of our country. Therefore, in the work of the ministry in all areas there should be no manifestations of inertia, lack of initiative, contemplation. The pace and methods of work, which a few years ago could be conditionally considered satisfactory, are unacceptable for the ministry today. This applies not only to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but also to the entire system of public administration. It is important to be proactive, analyze the entire range of external threats, develop non-standard solutions to prevent them,” the head of the Belarusian government said.

At the same time, he stressed that "in principle, the global tasks facing the Foreign Ministry have not changed."

“Foreign relations – political and especially economic – have not been canceled. And sanctions, restrictions, restrictions are not eternal,” said Golovchenko.

The Prime Minister also set tasks foreign Ministry.

“The following tasks are set before the new Minister of Foreign Affairs. The first is to shake up the ministry, turn it around to current foreign economic and foreign policy tasks, set clear and tangible tasks for each subdivision and foreign agency, and take strict control over their implementation. The second is to work out, together with the government and the Presidential Administration, as soon as possible well-thought-out proposals for optimizing the network of foreign missions based on the current situation and priority tasks. Thirdly, to put things in order with personnel, to attract fresh blood from the real sector of the economy, industry departments. The fourth is to find options for balanced work on both the eastern and western vectors of our foreign policy based on our interests,” Golovchenko stressed.

He expressed confidence that Sergei Aleinik in his new position, having deep experience and knowledge of the system, will ensure not only continuity in the work of the Foreign Ministry, but also bring new tasks to work in the current conditions.

“And finally, the most important message. The diplomat is a citizen of Belarus. In whatever country he works, whatever functions he performs, first of all he must be a patriot, a living example of honest and selfless service to the Motherland. It is these diplomats, no matter what countries they represent, that have gone down in the history of international relations,” concluded the Prime Minister of Belarus.

Recall that since the end of 2020, Belarus has been living under tough Western sanctions. After the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, pressure on the republic increased. In this regard, Minsk decided to expand cooperation with Russia and imposed retaliatory sanctions against unfriendly countries.

Minsk believes that there are no unfriendly countries in the world