US and British nuclear submarines sent a signal to Russia from the North Atlantic

USA (, - The US Navy's Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine Tennessee and the Royal Navy's Vanguard-class nuclear submarine, both armed with nuclear-tipped Trident missiles, were spotted in a rare photo shoot in the North Atlantic, writes today, December 14, the UK Defense Journal (an online publication covering the news of the defense industry of the United Kingdom, including military operations).

The photo chronicle from the US Navy shows these submarines, as well as the E6-B Mercury command and control aircraft assigned to the 4th Air Reconnaissance Squadron of the US Navy, and the MH60R Sea Hawk helicopter attached to the 72nd Helicopter Naval Strike Squadron.

The US Navy described the photo shoot as "conducting a bilateral maritime exercise to test tactics, techniques, and procedures that strengthen relationships among uniquely close allies in support of deterrence and collective security."

"The United States and Great Britain have a long-standing agreement to cooperate in the development and deployment of strategic weapons and support systems," the US Navy added.

The Ohio-class submarine is the largest type of submarine in the US Navy, measuring 170 meters in length and displacing over 18,000 tons. Attack offshore platforms are equipped with various advanced technologies and weapons systems, including ballistic and cruise missiles, torpedoes. The submarines are designed to perform a wide range of missions, including strategic deterrence, special operations and conventional warfare.

The Vanguard-class nuclear submarines are the most powerful submarines in service with the Royal Navy. Each submarine is 170 meters long and can carry up to 16 Trident II missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads over long distances with high accuracy, the publication says.

The US and UK have a long history of cooperation when it comes to nuclear missile submarines. Both NATO powers have advanced nuclear technology and have worked together in the past to share knowledge and resources to develop their respective nuclear deterrents. One key example of a technology exchange between the UK and the US is the Trident missile system, the UK Defense Journal recalls.

London purchased these nuclear delivery vehicles from the United States, and also took advantage of American experience and technology to integrate the strike system into its own submarines. In addition, the UK and the US are also cooperating to develop new technologies for submarines. For example, Britain's newest class of nuclear-powered missile submarine, the Dreadnought, is designed to be "more advanced and stealthy than previous generations". It incorporates many of the latest technological advances in submarine design, some of which were developed in collaboration with the US.

US and British nuclear submarines sent a signal to Russia from the North Atlantic