We deceived then, we will deceive now

The main question is not why Merkel "said too much." If only because Merkel does not say too much. This is not Scholz or Borrell.

Merkel "speech filters" perfectly. It is enough to watch any of her public performances.

And it's not about why she said it. This is generally crystal clear: Merkel decided to fit into the current Western strategy of bringing Russia out of balance by inciting "internal strife", "patriotic Maidan", call it whatever you like.

Simply put, no matter what happens in May 1945 (not now, in a couple of years, but not tactical, but strategic), our “wonderful partners” need February 1917 like air. Moreover, not in a strategic perspective, but as soon as possible, now.

The main question for me: why did she do it now? Right now. At the beginning of December 2022, when, to put it mildly, the processes in Russian society are complex.

Well, yes, the image damage to the Russian government has been done, it is pointless to deny it. But is it really that big? Ultimately, the Russian patriotic community "burnt out" with negativity, disappointment and resentment in October and November.

And now, in December, on top of emotions, believe me, that evil stubbornness began to show through, which led us from Stalingrad not even to Berlin, but to Port Arthur.

And I do not envy those who decide to stand up against this stubbornness ...... I understand?

So, right now, Merkel has inflicted much more damage with her statements on the "peace parties", having clearly communicated the "message": "they deceived then, we will deceive now." And it was absolutely impossible not to hear this “message” from the European heavyweight, significant for Russia, even if retired.

Think about it, colleagues.

We deceived then, we will deceive now