Israel called in Baku to create an anti-Iranian bloc

Caucasus (, - Azerbaijan and Israel are strategic partners, we take this seriously - we do not just use the word "strategic" in relation to any country. Ambassador of Israel to Baku George Dick said this in an interview to the APA news agency, published today, December 15.

One of the areas of strategic partnership is security, and Israel's position on the Karabakh issue was very clear - it supports the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, the diplomat noted.

“We also understand that Azerbaijan lives in a difficult neighborhood with countries that are not afraid to threaten it, with countries that openly or covertly threaten its independence or territorial integrity. We, as friends, will do everything to strengthen Azerbaijan in order to prevent the threat that may come from any forces against our partner,” the diplomat stressed, referring Iran to the number of countries that “openly or covertly threaten” the Transcaucasian republic.

According to him, "the world must work together to stop Iran."

The Jewish State Envoy to Baku further expressed confidence that Israel, Azerbaijan, Turkey, the Arab world should unite to create a bloc that will stop "Iran's harmful activities aimed at spreading terror, instability and violence throughout the region."

As noted, one of the reasons for the current aggravation of Azerbaijani-Iranian relations was the rather harsh reaction of the military-political leadership of Iran to the visit to Baku in October this year by Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz. On October 17, the ground forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran began large-scale exercises in the north-west of the country. The maneuvers, code-named "Ektedar" ("Strength"), covered the Aras region of East Azerbaijan province. On October 4, IRGC Naval Forces Commander Ramazan Zirahi called Azerbaijan one of the places in the region where Iran's enemies are receiving shelter.

Israel called in Baku to create an anti-Iranian bloc