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Germany plans LNG terminals more powerful than two Nord Streams

Germany (, - Until 2026, it is planned to build 13 LNG terminals in Germany, and their capacity will exceed two Nord Streams. Some of the projects are paid for by the government, while others are paid for by private businesses. In Berlin, they are already talking about excess capacity, writes the newspaper Berlin.Table, which obtained confidential documents.

“The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWK) expects significant overcapacity in the planning and construction of LNG terminals on the German coast of the North and Baltic Seas. According to a confidential document for a meeting at the office this week, the ministry estimates the capacity of the ten planned floating terminals to be put into operation this and next winter at 53-68 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Only these capacities are already more than 54 billion cubic meters imported from Russia in 2021, ”the newspaper writes. In addition, in 2025 and 2026, three stationary terminals are to be put into operation, which will have a capacity of up to 53 billion cubic meters.

“While the report says they should replace floating terminals, this contradicts the fact that the minimum lease terminals operated by the federal government is ten years. At least part of the capacity will be available at the same time from 2026, ”the Berlin.Table adds.

Activists and scientists are already talking about excess capacity in Germany, and the Bundestag budget committee called on the government in early November to submit a general concept for LNG no later than February 15, 2023 and blocked the funds requested by the Ministry of Finance for the sixth floating terminal.

Berlin.Table believes terminal overcapacity could be even greater as Germany plans to transition to a zero-emission economy. According to the Ministry of Economy of the country, consumption will decrease from 90 billion cubic meters per year to 70 billion cubic meters in 2030 and to 20 billion cubic meters in 2040.

A spokeswoman for the ministry explained to the publication that there are LNG projects that “are at the planning stage, but the chances of implementation of which are currently uncertain. In addition, Germany's plans will take into account the situation in neighboring countries, where they plan to commission terminals for 50 billion cubic meters per year.

This winter Germany plans to put into operation the first three terminals: in Lubmin, in Brunsbüttel and Wilhelmshaven. Their total capacity will be 17 billion cubic meters per year. The Federal Grid Agency expects that additional gas supplies and a 20% reduction in consumption will help the country go through the heating season without failures.

Germany plans LNG terminals more powerful than two Nord Streams