The Czech Republic has set a limit on gas prices for industry

Czech Republic (, - The Czech government also sets energy price ceilings for large Czech companies. On Wednesday, ahead of the government meeting, Finance Minister Zbynek Staniura and Industry and Trade Minister Józef Sikela announced at a joint press conference in Prague that the introduction of price ceilings for large Czech companies is a measure that ensures the international competitiveness of Czech industry. According to them, the level of state support for companies is the same as in other EU member states.

The government will use part of the emergency tax revenues levied on the banking and energy sectors to support companies, ministers said.

Large Czech companies currently meet their energy needs at market prices. The situation will change if they are subject to price restrictions already introduced for the population and small companies, as recommended by the ministry. The gross price of one megawatt-hour of electricity will be capped at 6,000 kroons (€247) and the price of one megawatt-hour of natural gas will be capped at 3,000 kroons (€123.66).

The ceiling price is valid for both small and large companies up to 80% of the maximum monthly consumption over the past five years. “This measure will encourage companies to save money,” said Józef Sikela. He also noted that it is important that after the government's decision, companies know exactly what energy prices they can expect next year.

In November and October, the government allocated 30 billion crowns (€1.23 billion) to support large companies through the aid program.

According to experts, the introduction by the state of marginal prices jointly for the population and companies will cost the budget about 170 billion crowns (€ 7 billion) next year.

From the emergency tax on energy companies and banks, the state expects their revenues to be at least 100 billion crowns (€4.12) in 2023.

The Czech Republic has set a limit on gas prices for industry