Parliamentary opposition of Moldova on the platform of the CIS: Together we resist the West

Caucasus (, - Regina Apostolova, deputy of the Shor party, opposition in Moldova, takes part in the 3rd International Conference "The Role of Interaction between Factions of Political Parties and Blocs in Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation of the CIS Countries", which takes place in Moscow from 13 to December 15th. She stressed the importance of cooperation within the Commonwealth at the level of representatives of the legislative authorities.

According to her, such work contributes to the deepening of the rich experience of inter-parliamentary cooperation and sets a progressive vector in the development of interstate relations.

“This is how it works for most countries. But Moldova is, unfortunately, a separate case. Having turned to the West, the Republic of Moldova traditionally does not participate in the meetings of the CIS, but purposefully and consistently works to dismantle relations with Russia and other partners in the organization, and, despite the neutrality enshrined in our Constitution, is pursuing the course of subordinating Moldovan politics to the interests of Western countries,” noted Apostolova.

She added that despite the position of official Chisinau, which questions the expediency of further participation in the CIS, the leader of the Shor party, Ilan Shor, is trying to maintain and develop a dialogue with Eastern partners. An example of this is close cooperation with the deputies of the State Duma, thanks to which the export of fruits and vegetables from Moldova to the Russian market was unblocked.

“In this difficult, critical situation for my country, inter-parliamentary cooperation has become not just an organic addition and development of interstate relations at the level of the top leadership of countries and the executive branch, it has actually replaced bilateral relations! Only together can the fraternal peoples of the CIS resist the destructive actions of the West,” concluded Regina Apostolova.

As reported, the Republic of Moldova has not been participating in the political initiatives of the CIS for a long time. According to President Maia Sandu, they are kept in the organization only by numerous bilateral contracts, which are now being studied for exit. The Minister of Economy of the poorest country in Europe, Dmitry Alaiba, says that the republic has nothing to do as part of the CIS, since "it deserves more than the post-Soviet poverty" that the Commonwealth brings, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Niku Popescu, adds that the recently received candidate status for accession to the EU Moldova should focus only on Western development partners.

Parliamentary opposition of Moldova on the platform of the CIS: Together we resist the West