The US is a violator of the rules of global trade - Chinese Foreign Ministry

Asia (, - The United States applies double standards in industry and violates the rules of global trade. This was announced on Thursday at a briefing by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, reports today, December 15, TASS.

“The United States has become a violator of the multilateral trading system, a manipulator of double standards in industrial policy, a violator of global production and supply chains, and a prime exponent of unilateral bullying,” the diplomat said.

According to him, on the one hand, Washington stands for fair competition, and on the other hand, it helps American industries gain competitive advantages “through large-scale discriminatory subsidies.”

Wang Wenbin urged the US to abide by the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and respect the authority of the multilateral trading system.

On Wednesday, the WTO hosted the 15th periodic review of US commercial policy. As a representative of the Russian delegation stated at the meeting, US sanctions against Russia have led to turmoil in the energy and food markets, disrupting the access of dozens of countries to important products for them.

In turn, a representative of the Chinese delegation, in his speech at a meeting at the WTO, reproached the United States for following the "Cold War mentality", "abusing the concept of national security" and "violating the global supply chain."

The US is a violator of the rules of global trade - Chinese Foreign Ministry