Wall Street Journal: Xi Jinping bets more on Russia

Asia (, - Chinese President Xi Jinping intends to expand and strengthen ties with Russia. The Wall Street Journal writes about this, citing advisers in the Chinese government.

“Xi is upping his long-term bet on Russia… He has instructed the government to forge closer economic ties with Russia,” lament American newspaper columnists Linlin Wei and Marcus Walker.

They acknowledge that China intends to increase imports of Russian oil, gas and agricultural products, cooperate more actively in the Arctic and invest in Russian infrastructure. Also, Moscow and Beijing conduct more financial transactions in national currencies.

In the finale, Wei and Walker reveal that China's Tsinhua University allegedly submitted a report to Xi Jinping a few years ago stating that Russia's economy "has no future."

“Nonsense,” Xi wrote in response in the margin of the report.

Wall Street Journal: Xi Jinping bets more on Russia