The main goal of the US in Africa is to contain China - media

Asia (, - Containing the economic expansion of China is the main task of the US on the African continent. No one in Washington thinks about real assistance to African countries. About this on Thursday in his editorial, excerpts from which today, December 15, are cited by TASS, the Global Times newspaper writes.

“The US has turned its strategy towards Africa into a Gordian knot. They set as their goal to prevent the expansion of Chinese influence on the African continent, and not at all to help African countries in the fight against economic difficulties, ”the publication reports.

Such an approach, according to the authors of the article, fundamentally contradicts the aspirations of African countries and harms their interests.

"The United States has never considered Africa as an equal cooperation partner," the newspaper emphasizes.

From December 13 to 15, Washington hosts the US-Africa Summit, to which the heads of state and government of 49 African countries, as well as a representative of the African Union, are invited.

The main goal of the US in Africa is to contain China - media