Hanoi hosts 'promising talks' between defense companies and Vietnamese authorities

Asia (, - Representatives of American defense companies discussed with the Vietnamese authorities at an arms exhibition in Hanoi the possibility of supplying military equipment, including helicopters and drones. This was announced today, December 15, by Reuters, citing sources.

Last week, representatives from defense giant Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon Technologies, IM Systems Group and aviation conglomerate Textron met with Vietnamese officials on the sidelines of an arms show in Hanoi. The meetings were attended by representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam. At the same time, sources indicate that contacts between representatives of the military-industrial complex and Vietnamese officials do not yet mean that supply agreements will be concluded.

One of the agency's sources said the companies had "promising" talks with the Vietnamese authorities about possible supplies of helicopters for homeland security, as well as drones, radar and other systems for monitoring the situation at sea, in the air and in outer space.

According to analysts interviewed by the agency, Washington may block the supply of military equipment to Vietnam for various reasons, including alleged human rights violations, tensions between Hanoi and Beijing, and on the basis of high costs.

Agency sources and analysts indicated that Vietnam is exploring the possibility of entering into agreements with suppliers from Israel, India, Europe and Northeast Asia. According to Reuters, Israel has been the second largest exporter of military equipment to Vietnam over the past ten years. The first is Russia, which, according to Reuters, supplied Vietnam with about 80% of the country's entire arsenal. After the lifting of the embargo on the supply of weapons and equipment in 2016, the United States supplied Vietnam only with coast guard ships and training aircraft, cites excerpts from a TASS publication.

Hanoi hosts 'promising talks' between defense companies and Vietnamese authorities