Tornadoes and snowstorms cause severe damage in the US

USA (, - A vast area of winter storms - tornadoes in the south and severe snowstorms in the north - have caused severe damage in the US. At least five tornadoes hit Texas and several people were injured, according to the National Weather Service. Dozens of homes and business buildings near Fort Worth were damaged, and nearly a thousand flights at Dallas International Airport were canceled due to the storm.

In Louisiana, two people are missing as a result of a tornado in the city of Shreveport. The ruins of buildings here have been searched by rescue units with dogs.

Several people in Oklahoma were also affected during the storms. According to the meteorological service, gusts of wind here reached speeds of 200 km per hour.

In Montana, Colorado, and Nebraska, authorities have warned residents of heavy snow drifts and that snow depth could exceed 60 cm in a short period of time.

The Nebraska Department of Transportation has taken action to close sections of the highway after heavy snow and wind made traffic dangerous.

In some areas of Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota, authorities have warned about the formation of ice in reservoirs with a thickness of about two and a half centimeters and stormy winds and asked citizens not to leave their homes unnecessarily.

On Wednesday, the warning was extended to Mississippi, Alabama and parts of Florida.

Tornadoes and snowstorms cause severe damage in the US