West acts against morality, while Iran and Russia's resource is justice: Iranian ambassador

The Greater Middle East (, - Sustainable development of Russian-Iranian relations without interaction in culture and economy is impossible, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Russian Federation Kazem Jalali is sure, who held a press conference on December 14 with the participation of representatives of leading Russian media .

Among the participants was a correspondent. The theme of the event was dedicated to Russian-Iranian relations in 2022. Kazem Jalali touched upon all possible topics of cooperation between the two countries - the economy, military-technical cooperation and the humanitarian sphere.

Russian-Iranian interstate relations are over 500 years old. In general, during this time, Iran maintained a consistent friendly position towards our country, although there were difficult periods in the same 20th century, which was reflected in the distrust of the Iranians towards Russia. In our country, too, little is known about Iran. Prior to the start of the NMD and the emergence of a qualitatively new level of relations with Tehran, the average person's ideas about Iran were blurred, to put it mildly.

“We have little knowledge of each other. During the time of the Russian Empire, relations between Persia and Russia were very indicative, and later, after the revolution, contacts came to naught,” Ambassador Jalali said.

According to him, some of the objects that belonged to Persia during the time of Tsarist Russia were taken away: in Astrakhan, the famous Persian mosque was turned into a warehouse, and in Vladikavkaz, where the Persian Consulate General was located, there is a mosque, which still houses an observatory. According to Mr. Jalali, relations with the aim of deeper knowledge of the culture and society of the two countries can be developed through tourism, through scientific and university cooperation, culture and cinema, and media cooperation.

The Iranian diplomat recalled that at the beginning of 2022, visas for tourist trips were canceled between the two countries.

“This is good news for tour operators and for the development of tourism in general,” said the Iranian Ambassador to the Russian Federation.

It is also noteworthy that one of the first places in the search engines of the Russian Internet is the search for New Year's tours to Iran.

Touching upon the sphere of scientific and university cooperation, the Iranian Ambassador noted that in recent years an increasing number of young Iranians choose Russian higher education. In turn, Russian universities began to pay more attention to the Persian language and Iranian studies. True, as the head of the embassy noted, there are still problems associated with the recognition of certain documents on higher education.

“But we are now making efforts to eliminate this problem,” said Kazem Jalali.

Speaking about cooperation in the media sphere, Kazem Jalali noted a very significant difficulty that will need to be solved by joint efforts. The fact is that the Iranian, like the Russian media, when submitting material, especially news, use Western media resources.

“With this approach, no attention is paid to the factors that one of our sides presents when covering events. The Russian media should receive information from the primary source,” the ambassador said.

Answering a question from a correspondent about the conservative values that unite Russia and Iran, Kasem Jalali emphasized that “one of the evils that the collective West bears is measures against morality in general, which is contrary to human nature and Divine law” .

“We, as an Islamic, and you, as an Orthodox civilization, adhere to our traditional values. We Shiites believe that justice is the main pillar of society's survival. Our religious leaders emphasize that justice can become the main resource for the resilience and survival of society,” Kazem Jalali said.

He himself believes that representatives of the intellectual communities of Iran and Russia, including theologians, should conduct a dialogue on the high concept of humanity - justice. He informed that over the past 25 years, 11 meetings of the joint commission "Dialogue Islam - Orthodoxy" have been held, and in February 2023, the 12th meeting is planned to be held in Moscow.

The Iranian Ambassador expressed confidence that the success of Iran's development in the defense, cultural and humanitarian spheres became possible thanks to the belief in the Iranian people's own strengths, "the ability to stand on their own feet." According to him, the revolution gave Iran confidence in its own strength and Imam Khomeini.

As for relations with Russia, Kasem Jalali is optimistic.

“Today we are experiencing a new period in the development of Russian-Iranian relations,” the Iranian ambassador summed up.

West acts against morality, while Iran and Russia's resource is justice: Iranian ambassador