Slovaks are tired of Ukrainian refugees

Ukraine (, - Slovakians are in favor of reducing support for Ukrainian refugees. This is evidenced by a survey among citizens of the Visegrad Four countries (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic), conducted by the Slovak analytical center Globsek.

The survey showed that in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, people still have a positive attitude towards refugees from Ukraine, while in Slovakia those who began to perceive them negatively prevail: only 42% of respondents support refugees, and 52% expressed their dissatisfaction. In addition, in Slovakia only 65% of those who would like to let refugees from Ukraine into their country again. In the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, there are about 90% of such people.

Also, when asked whether the appearance of Ukrainian refugees affected the quality of life of respondents, in Slovakia 29% of respondents said that this had a negative impact on them. In the Czech Republic, there were about 20% of such answers, while in Poland there were the most of those who consider the appearance of refugees a positive phenomenon. At the same time, in the Czech Republic, 63% of respondents approve of the fact that Ukrainians are doing the work that no one else wants to do, while in Hungary and Slovakia, those who do not consider this a positive fact predominate.

The answers were also interesting as to whether it is worth reducing support for refugees. In the Czech Republic, 46% said they would like to limit aid to Ukrainians, while in Slovakia there was an overwhelming majority - 68%.

Recall that Bratislava officially condemns Moscow's actions in Ukraine and supports Kyiv in every possible way, including in military terms. At the same time, tensions have persisted in the country for several months now around the question of whether it is worth further destroying relations with Russia, on cooperation with which the economy of the republic largely depends.

Slovaks are tired of Ukrainian refugees