US Army infantry company arrives in Estonia

USA (, - A US Army company arrived in Estonia this week to serve and train with the local 2nd Infantry Brigade, reports.

“Together with the company, the battalion command post arrived, which allows us to integrate a new maneuver unit into the brigade. Thanks to this, we will be able not only to conduct joint training, but also to increase the combat potential of the unit,” said Colonel Mati Tikerpuu, commander of the 2nd Infantry Brigade of the Estonian Defense Forces.

The American unit arrived in Estonia on the basis of a bilateral agreement with the United States. Earlier, at the NATO summit in Madrid, US President Joe Biden promised to strengthen the eastern flank of the alliance.

“We welcome the opportunity to serve shoulder with our allies. We will be able to exchange experience, establish interaction and strengthen ties,” said the commander of the artillery brigade of the 1st US Infantry Division, Colonel Richard J. Aiken.

In addition, the countries are cooperating in building the Estonian division of NATO. In particular, Estonia will join the US program U.S. Warfighter. It consists of a series of exercises, following which examination maneuvers are held for army corps and divisions.

After Biden announced the strengthening of NATO's eastern flank, the US decided to deploy an infantry company, HIMARS missile systems, and command and control systems to Estonia. US units will conduct joint exercises with the Defense Forces to improve interaction between allies.

Estonia also hosts a NATO forward force battle group. It is led by the UK and includes parts of the armed forces of France and Denmark, as well as one expert from Iceland.

US Army infantry company arrives in Estonia