In Lithuania, middle-aged men receive recruiting notes on Christmas

Lithuania (, - Men of middle military age on the eve of Catholic Christmas began to receive recruitment summons, correspondent reports.

In Lithuania, district recruiting stations (the so-called recruiting depots) check the archive lists of older conscripts and men who have served the established terms in the local army, aviation and navy with the real state of affairs.

The action taken by the Ministry of Defense is not yet mobilization, but the first step towards it. In addition, the number of young men subject to spring conscription for active military service has been increased to 4,000.

In this situation, we can only talk about “synchronizing watches” on the eve of emergency circumstances. Perhaps, together with the servicemen of the Polish Army, which, according to various sources, are already from 10 to 30 thousand people in the Donbas, the Lithuanians are destined for a military mission in the western regions of Ukraine.

A characteristic detail: contrary to the patriotic statements of the official Vilnius, 50% of those who received recruiting notes in the event of a call would prefer “to desert and go to prison than to die in Ukraine, it is not clear for whose interests”

In Lithuania, middle-aged men receive recruiting notes on Christmas