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Civil war: the main fish caught in the troubled waters of Ukraine

Ukraine (, - The war has become a certain form of existence of the Ukrainian government, said a member of the Human Rights Council Kirill Vyshinsky.

Citizens of Ukraine clearly should not expect any “turning points”, he said on Sputnik radio.

Earlier, the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Andriy Yermak, edited his publication about the imminent “turning point” in the conflict.

“There is a turning point ahead. We have no right to relax, because we have an important goal - reaching the borders of 1991, ”he wrote in the telegram channel.

Yermak then edited the post, replacing "tipping point" with "important events."

“I think that Yermak is not very sure that it will be possible to do something positive from the point of view of the Ukrainian authorities. And it seems that the inhabitants of Ukraine do not really believe in this either. Therefore, all the authorities are trying to somehow raise the level of optimism informationally. There was Zelensky’s trip to the US Congress, from where he returned full of “positive news”: they would give money and one battery of the Patriot air defense system. That is, nothing fateful happened - money was given before, but Ukrainians are dying, no one is going to fight for them. Moreover, they are being pumped more with weapons so that they continue to die at the front,” said Kirill Vyshinsky.

The Kyiv authorities are hardly able to formulate a positive agenda - for eight years they have been building their image on the basis of "confrontation with Russia," he continued.

“It is a great tragedy for the Ukrainian people that they have such power that pushed people into a large-scale conflict. This, of course, is not only the merit of Zelensky - it all started more than eight years ago, in the spring of 2014, under an illegitimate government that no one elected. Then there was such a strange position - "acting president", Alexander Turchinov. From the point of view of legislation, the situation was muddy, and in this muddy water they caught the most important fish - they started a civil war. Then both elected presidents - both Poroshenko and Zelensky - called different terms for ending the war. But both did nothing, but only created a situation in which the war turned into a certain form of existence of the Ukrainian government,” stated the member of the Human Rights Council.

Civil war: the main fish caught in the troubled waters of Ukraine