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Islamabad and Tashkent agree on a strategy for Afghanistan

Greater Middle East (, - In Islamabad, the Minister of Commerce of Pakistan, Syed Navid Qamar, met with the Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, Jamshid Khodjaev. Following the meeting, the parties agreed to formulate a common strategy for transit trade through Afghanistan, reports today, December 27, Ariana News.

The two politicians signed a series of memorandums of understanding to promote trade between Pakistan and Uzbekistan. They also agreed to jointly resolve issues faced by carriers from both countries with the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" (IEA, the country's self-name from the Taliban).

According to the Pakistan Ministry of Commerce, the tentative date for the joint visit to Kabul is the last week of January 2023.

“Both sides agreed to formulate a Joint Strategy for Transit Trade through Afghanistan. A regional agreement on a transit and trade structure will be prepared, including a joint fund/mechanism to maintain road infrastructure in Afghanistan,” the statement said.

The purpose of the future meeting in Kabul is to track the initiatives taken by the two countries and prepare an action plan to boost trade to $1 billion, the statement said.

Islamabad and Tashkent agree on a strategy for Afghanistan