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Gazprom connected Turkey to Russian LNG

Russia (, - The second LNG tanker was unloaded in Turkey from the new Gazprom complex in the Baltic Sea. It is possible that Russian liquefied gas was sold on the spot market.

The Veliky Novgorod LNG tanker has unloaded at the Turkish terminal in the Sea of Marmara, which is owned by the state-owned Botas company, according to Vesselfinder navigation portal. The gas carrier arrived from the new Portovaya LNG complex on Nord Stream on the Baltic Sea.

This is already the second delivery of liquefied gas by Gazprom from Portovaya to Turkey. On December 9, LNG was delivered by the Pskov tanker, which is heading back to the Mediterranean Sea after being loaded at the new complex.

Since the beginning of September, when Portovaya opened, five shipments have been made from the complex. Two went to Greece, two to Turkey and one more to Kaliningrad. In the case of European shipments, the final recipients are unknown.

If Russian LNG remains in Turkey, then the monthly volume of its deliveries to the country in December will amount to 200 million cubic meters. This year, the import of liquefied gas to Turkey has been declining. For example, according to the EPDK regulator, in August and September, 296 million cubic meters of gas were brought into the country in the form of LNG. Algeria was the only supplier.

The Portovaya complex is Gazprom's first LNG plant in Europe. Its capacity is 1.5 million tons of LNG (2 billion cubic meters of gas) per year and, of course, cannot be compared with the Nord Stream idle after sabotage, which is 30 times more powerful.

However, unlike pipeline gas, which Gazprom sells under the new payment mechanism, Russian LNG as a whole is in high demand in the EU countries this year. Its deliveries are significantly higher than last year.

As ship broker Banchero Costa reported in a report, citing Refinitiv data, in January-October 2022, LNG exports from Russia to the EU increased by 41.8%, to 13.5 million tons (18.6 billion cubic meters). For 10 months, Russia's share in the significantly increased European LNG imports amounted to 16.5%.

Gazprom connected Turkey to Russian LNG