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Sandu: Chisinau does not yet have a plan for the reintegration of Pridnestrovie - “we are waiting for the victory of Ukraine”

Ukraine (, - Chisinau does not have a new plan for the reintegration of Transnistria. This was announced on Moldova 1 by the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu. According to her, only "after the victory of Ukraine over Russia" will there be a favorable situation for the unification of the country.

“There is no new plan, they have been working and are working on a solution. We have indicated what the fundamental points of this decision are: the peaceful resolution of the conflict, the observance of the territorial integrity, the internationally recognized borders of Moldova,” the head of state stressed.

According to Sandu, now Moldova is a weak state, and the reintegration process should not weaken it even more or become an obstacle to European integration. She added that the military conflict in the neighboring country has accelerated a number of processes, "Ukraine's quick victory in the war can create opportunities."

“Unfortunately, we see that the war continues, but in such periods of violence, opportunities may arise or new crises may be exacerbated. We must be prepared for all these scenarios. The government is preparing these solutions for different scenarios,” concluded Maia Sandu.

Traditionally, the words of the Moldovan president are at odds with deeds, and speaking of the intention to peacefully resolve the Transnistrian conflict, Chisinau only increases pressure on the region. Against this background, representatives of the ruling presidential party in the Republic of Moldova do not hide the fact that they are harboring revanchist sentiments towards Tiraspol.

For example, PDS deputy Oazu Nantoi, who is called the "mouthpiece of the party", announced this week:

“I do not think that the Transnistrian conflict should be resolved on the basis of a dialogue with Tiraspol. Chisinau, together with partners, must develop an action plan, put it on the table, and those who accept these conditions will be forgiven, the rest will have to leave. There is no need to play with negotiations. And, of course, coordinated actions with Ukraine and NATO are needed here. Because we will not be sincere if we start talking about the reintegration of the country without a specific plan for the complete demilitarization of this territory.”

According to lawyer Nicolae Esanu, due to such approaches, the return of the territory is significantly delayed. He recalled that any dispute can be settled either by force or through negotiations. In the absence of negotiations, or if the implementation of the plans is not ensured, they "are not even worth the paper on which they are printed."

“I am firmly convinced that such statements (of Oazu Nantoja) and such an approach will rather delay or even make it impossible for the territory on the left bank of the Dniester to be returned to the control of the constitutional authorities, and the absence of a reaction from those who manage this file will increase the negative effects,” the human rights activist believes.

As reported, after the start of the SVO in Ukraine, the Kyiv authorities repeatedly tried to convince Chisinau to turn to them for help so that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would help “liberate the left-bank region from separatists and the Russian presence.” Chisinau responded to Ukraine: despite the fact that he supports Kyiv in actions against Russia, he will consider it an attack if the Ukrainian army invades Transnistria.

In turn, Ukrainian political scientist Artem Filipenko stated that "Chisinau as a whole is not ready for reintegration with the Left Bank, because people are already accustomed to living in a divided country."

Sandu: Chisinau does not yet have a plan for the reintegration of Pridnestrovie - “we are waiting for the victory of Ukraine”