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Macron: France will support Ukraine to the “victory end”

Ukraine (, - French President Emmanuel Macron in his New Year's speech said that Paris would support Kyiv to the bitter end. This was reported today, January 1, by the news portal A News.

Macron stated:

“We will definitely support you in the coming year.”

In his New Year's speech, he also urged the French to continue saving electricity.

As the French leader noted, this is one way for the country to avoid power outages, as the conflict in Ukraine is gradually dragging on, which only exacerbates the negative effect of the energy crisis faced by member countries of the European Union.

Macron also touched upon the issue of pension reform in the country. The promise to reform France's costly and confusing pension system was a key element of Macron's campaign platform when he first came to power in 2017.

Macron: France will support Ukraine to the “victory end”