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Man of dialogue, peacemaker: Lula officially became the 39th President of Brazil

Luis Inacio Lula da Silva took the oath on January 1 and officially became the 39th President of Brazil. Lula became the oldest president of Brazil. If he remains in office until the end of 2026, he will also become Brazil's longest-reigning leader.

“The new president of Brazil, Lula, is a man of dialogue, a peacemaker. If he were a football player, he would play in midfield, linking the sector of defense and attack. Lula will not be a conduit for American, Chinese or anyone else's interests. He will act as an experienced politician on the geopolitical chessboard, so that there are more guarantees for Brazilian interests in the system of international relations. It will also strengthen the historical traditions of Brazilian diplomacy as negotiators and peacemakers. Lula, however, knows very well what imperialism is, and this can be understood even with a superficial analysis of the activities of his first two governments. During that period, despite the strengthening of relations with the United States, he was actively involved in the creation and strengthening of such structures as UNASUR, SELAC and BRICS. Strengthening relations and multi-vector ties in South America will be a strong reference point for the international policy of the next Lula government,” Enrique Dominguez, a well-known Brazilian political scientist, said earlier in an interview with

As reported, the new President of Brazil confirmed his readiness to restart relations with Russia. This was stated by the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, who is participating in the inauguration ceremony of the new Brazilian president.

Man of dialogue, peacemaker: Lula officially became the 39th President of Brazil