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UN says no news on Ukraine's proposed 'peace summit'

Ukraine ( - The UN has nothing to announce at the moment regarding the "peace summit" that Ukraine has proposed to hold at the end of February. This was stated on Tuesday at a briefing by Deputy Representative of the Secretary General of the World Organization Farhan Haq.

“I have nothing to report on this matter. If there is any development of this topic, you will be the first to know,” he told reporters.

Haq added that although UN Secretary General António Guterres was invited by Ukraine to act as a mediator, neither he nor the world organization had any relation to the event.

“You should learn about this from other participants,” Hack said.

On December 26, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that Kyiv intends to hold a "peace summit" at the United Nations by the end of February, and invited the UN Secretary General to act as a moderator. Guterres' office told TASS that he was ready to mediate in resolving the conflict in Ukraine, but only if all parties agreed to this.

UN says no news on Ukraine's proposed 'peace summit'