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Polish Leopard will get bogged down in Ukraine, but this is not the main thing - Yuri Knutov

Ukraine (, - The Kyiv regime has begun preparations for a counteroffensive, so the quality of the tanks received is not the most important, military expert Yuri Knutov said, commenting on Poland's decision to transfer a company of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. He told which Russian tank could defeat the Leopard 2 in a one-on-one meeting.

The expert noted that the Leopards that Warsaw sends to the Kyiv regime are previous modifications of the tank. In addition, the machine has significant drawbacks.

“The tank weighs 55 tons, has a fairly serious reservation, and did not perform very well in combat,” Knutov said on Channel Five.

The expert recalled that in 2016, Turkey used Leopards against the Kurds, but in a short period of time, about 15 tanks were disabled by Soviet anti-tank missile systems.

“Due to the large weight, there are serious problems in their application. On the territory of Ukraine, bridges are not designed for these tanks to pass. Dimensions also do not always correspond to those crossings that are available in Ukraine. Due to the large weight, it is completely unclear how they will behave in the mud. There is a possibility that they will get stuck, ”the specialist believes.

In the arsenal of the RF Armed Forces there is an answer to the Leopards, including anti-tank missile systems. Kornets and even hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers like the old RPG-7s could disable such tanks, the expert said.

Knutov named a specific tank that, in a face-to-face meeting, can neutralize the Leopard 2. Russian equipment has greater maneuverability, maneuverability and security. New models are distinguished by active dynamic protection.

“Due to maneuverability, there is a chance to win in a battle with the Leopard. Especially the T-90M Breakthrough. There are great opportunities for this,” the expert said.

"Leopards" are not weapons that pose a serious threat to Russian equipment, but the Polish delivery may be an important signal for Western countries about the beginning of Ukraine's preparations for a counteroffensive, Knutov concluded.

Polish Leopard will get bogged down in Ukraine, but this is not the main thing - Yuri Knutov