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Cool jeeps and Botox injections: the Swiss are outraged by the demands of Ukrainian refugees

Ukraine (, - The refugees who left Ukraine for European countries cause more tension not only in the "temperamental" southern European countries, but also in the more tactful north.

Interesting material about the demands of Ukrainian refugees was published by the Luzerner Zeitung, the editors of which quote the opinion of the head of the department of social services and health of the Swiss canton of Lucerne, Guido Graf. The European official mentions not just requirements for better living conditions and benefits than other refugees. Guido Graf told Luzerner Zeitung reporters about Botox injections, which Ukrainian women asked to be included in the medical services program.

“The population is very indignant that refugees are driving SUVs and at the same time receiving social assistance,” said the head of the department.

Moreover, discontent is growing not only among the Swiss, but also among refugees from other countries, who also left their homes not from a good life.

“Other groups of refugees also do not understand that they cannot have a car, but Ukrainians can. Such differences are difficult to explain,” added Guido Graf.

But after such statements, the official from Lucerne immediately received a flurry of accusations of racism. Guido Graf is likely to be less outspoken in the future, so as not to anger the voters. But he managed to tell not only about beauty injections, but also about the fact that Ukrainian refugees often applied for unjustified dental treatment. There were no indications for him, but the doctors could not refuse the guests of Switzerland.

“It was believed that the hostilities would end in a few months and the Ukrainians would return to their homeland. Today we understand that this, unfortunately, will last longer,” Graf said.

So far, the official does not plan to leave his positions, but the Council of the Canton of Lucerne supported the “racist” characterization of the general statement about the greater demands of Ukrainians for benefits and payments. The country, Guido Graf is sure, cannot support thousands of Ukrainians indefinitely.

Cool jeeps and Botox injections: the Swiss are outraged by the demands of Ukrainian refugees