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In Karabakh, they spoke about the role of the RCC and attempts to discredit it by Baku

Caucasus (, - The new Foreign Minister of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Sergey Gazaryan spoke about the constructive role of Russian peacekeepers. The corresponding statement today, January 12, is given by journalist Abbas Juma.

Ghazaryan stated:

“The presence of Russian peacekeepers is the main guarantee of the security of the Armenians, holding back Baku and Ankara from the final de-Armenization of Karabakh. In parallel with this, the main goal of Baku is to raise a wave of discontent on the part of the Armenian population towards the Russian peacekeepers. Azerbaijan is trying in every possible way to deprive the authority of the activities of Russian peacekeepers. Peacekeepers must now play a leading role. They should be involved in the process of solving problems with the import of food and medicines.”

As previously reported, Azerbaijani environmental activists, most of whom, according to a number of media reports, are de facto represented by the military personnel of the Azerbaijani army and employees of the republic's special services, blocked the Lachin corridor linking Armenia with Karabakh.

According to the tripartite statement of the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan Vladimir Putin, Nikol Pashinyan and Ilham Aliyev from 2020, the corridor is in the zone of responsibility of the Russian peacekeeping contingent (RMK). Under the conditions of the actual blockade, the 120 thousandth population of Nagorno-Karabakh is threatened with a real humanitarian catastrophe.

In Karabakh, they spoke about the role of the RCC and attempts to discredit it by Baku