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Moldovan government adopted regulations for the trans-Balkan gas reverse

Ukraine (, - The Government of Moldova has approved the necessary regulations for the smooth operation of gas transport in the reverse mode (backhaul). This was announced today, on January 12, in his telegram channel by Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu.

According to the Minister of Regional Development, with the approval of these rules, new opportunities will be created for transporting gas to our country, as well as to Ukraine, including through the Trans-Balkan gas pipeline.

“Moldova has taken another big step to ensure its energy security. The government has approved the rules necessary for the uninterrupted transportation of gas in the backhaul mode,” Spinu wrote.

A large transit corridor of natural gas from the Russian Federation to the Balkan countries passes through the Republic of Moldova. Thanks to the new regulation, gas will be able to flow in the opposite direction from the Balkan countries to Moldova through the same Trans-Balkan pipeline.

Spinu specified that it took three years to resolve this issue due to delays and blocking. Now, he stressed, Moldova is approaching the European standards of the European Union.

According to State Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development Konstantin Borosan, gas transportation in the reverse mode will increase the attractiveness of the national transport system for European traders and suppliers who intend to carry gas reserves in Ukraine, and with an increase in the volume of natural gas transit through the national transport system, prerequisites will be created for reducing the transport tariff, which will reduce the costs of citizens.

Recall that in early November last year, Moldova for the first time imported natural gas through a reverse system, from west to east, making an alternative purchase to Gazprom. The first purchased volume of gas entered the Republic of Moldova through the Budnice transit point in Slovakia on the border with Ukraine and supplemented the reserve reserves that Energocom created to meet the needs of the Republic of Moldova for this winter. On December 3, Romania began to export gas to Moldova through the Iasi-Ungheni-Kishinev pipeline. At the same time, Energocom in a test mode carried out gas imports through the Trans-Balkan corridor.

As reported, starting January 1, Romania is no longer a transit country for gas supplies to Moldova. Starting this month, the republic is using fuel that was stored earlier and is now stored in Ukraine.

Moldovan government adopted regulations for the trans-Balkan gas reverse